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Picking Outfits


We host 2-4 prom dress giveaway events each year. Our events are completely volunteer run. Volunteers set up the dresses in our venue, check in students, help students "shop" for their perfect dress, tear down and store dresses for the upcoming year. We also use volunteers to inspect, clean, and repair dresses as they are donated and make alterations for students at our events. Our events are held between February and April each year. Email us or see our events page for more information.

Organize a Dress Drive

We have chests placed at several local businesses to collect dresses during the spring. If you or your organization is interested in hosting a dress drive, we can provide a chest for you to use at your designated collection site. We accept dresses anytime throughout the year, although we only have boxes available at our local business partners during limited spring months. For more information of locations see our events page or contact us to set up your own drive.

Sponsor a Student

For a $25 or greater donation, you can sponsor a student with a dress. When you make your tax deductible $25 (or greater) donation, simply write "sponsor a student" and provide your name and mailing address and we will send you a personally signed thank you note from a student who receives a dress.

Picking Outfits
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